A Film of Purpose

May 7, 2021

Creating short films is slowly becoming of great interest to me. As a photographer, I am focused on capturing the highest quality and imaginative stills I can. But for as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated with filmmaking and always appreciated cinematic epics like Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, Legends of the Fall, Titanic, and more recently films like The Revenant, Dunkirk, Hostiles, and the like.

Filmmaking has a way of engaging the viewer to a deeper level and stimulates the senses to a higher degree than a still image might. Although, I do think still images can engage the imagination more, only revealing a part of the story - allowing the mind to wonder about the potential story behind it, how it feels, where it is, etc. That said, the moving image is beautiful. It's a magical way to tell a story and for me, I wanted to create a short film this winter that pondered life's big questions, and revealed my purpose for life. That purpose is my Christian faith and the convictions that come with that. I found faith through documenting the natural world, and eventually discovering the person of Christ.

The meaning of the film was to portray a connection between the diver and the shipwreck as vessels. And that we ourselves are vessels. What we fill ourselves with defines us. Some fill themselves with the pleasures of the world. Others seek wisdom, money, or other things. For me, I fill myself with the person of Christ, trying to emulate how I live with how he lived, and continues to live.