May 19, 2018

Sometimes when I am in the ocean I find myself drifting in thought. Almost as if I become separated from time. Now that might sound really vague, but I feel really close to God in those moments. A couple weeks ago I was in Exuma, kneeling in waste deep water just off the beach, overlooking the ocean, and watching as a huge storm front made its way closer. With eager anticipation I was mesmerized as the storm drew near. Eventually I got out and sought shelter with my family. But, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander to Jesus.

It is a funny thing in today’s culture, we often praise the individual, the experience, and inclusiveness. We dream and wonder about our universe and our place within it, and yet when it comes to any spiritual insinuation, most will lean on their heels with a certain sense of self-defense.

I suppose I am writing this for myself, to help organize my thoughts – a journal if you will. But, I also desire to reach others of you who may be wondering, dreaming, and questioning their purpose in life. One of the biggest things I’ve learned being a Christ follower is just how transformative it is. When we accept Christ as our Savior, we are given the gift of the Holy Spirit. We are given freely a new sense of the world and we walk in the light. You may have heard Christians say ‘being born again’. Well, that is exactly what it feels like. When you commit to Christ, you begin a new life and a ‘re-birth’. Your worldview completely shifts.

My understanding of love has completely changed. Love is not simply romantic love, or friendship love – albeit those are important forms of love. Ultimate love though, is looking at another human being, even someone you used to hate, and genuinely loving them. Love indeed is perhaps the most mysterious thing there is. There is incredible power in love. In Christ, you immediately see inherent value in human beings, even in your enemies. For all people, you seek to love them.

Another thing I’ve learned is how Christ heals the soul. From anxiety, depression, hopelessness, hate, bitterness, greed, lust, envy…all of these things and more are healed through Him. Christians aren’t perfect, we fail, stumble, and will continue to do so. But that doesn’t mean we don’t try, not in the slightest. For those who are with Christ, we are justified through Him, and through Him all things are possible, even loving an enemy, for His power is made perfect in our weakness.

Being a Christ follower shifts your earthly perspective to an eternal perspective. You begin to recognize the things in life that don’t really matter like how you look, your clothes, your possessions, your successes. This is not to say you devalue yourself. Instead, you become a servant of Christ, living for Him in everything you do. And through that, we truly experience life to the full. It’s what we were designed for, and ultimately you begin to live out your faith through action.

Once you make that commitment to Christ, life may not get ‘easier’, but I promise you will see what it is like to truly live.

I live a blessed life and have been incredibly fortunate to be born in this country with a loving family. Since receiving Jesus, I feel obligated to tell others about Him, and to help others around the world who have way less than I do.

For the honest skeptic, feel free to message me questions. I know this all might sound like one big fairy tale, I thought so too for a long time. But once I began seeing where the evidence went, I was changed forever.

We love because he first loved us. –  1 John 4:19